Inclusive Lens

At Body Wise, we are aware of our own privileges that have impacted our health status and access to care and awake to the reality of oppression towards marginalized people, including within healthcare, and commit to this being a safe space to openly process your experiences.  We commit to professional education along with ongoing self-examination to better provide inclusive, compassionate, and competent care that serves all people.  We know that any body can be affected by an eating disorder and/or disordered eating and we strive to understand cultural differences in relation to food and body.


We provide an inclusive space that’s physically and emotionally safe for Black, Indigenious, People of Color, People of Size, Gay, Queer, Trans, Two-Spirit, Non-binary, neurodivergent, persons with disabilities, persecuted religions, and all other marginalized people.  As part of this commitment, we offer support with the complexities of gender dysphoria in relation to body dysmorphia, and how these can further influence and fuel eating disorder behaviors.

Why the focus away from diet culture/diet mentality?

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