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Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition Counseling

Our Nutritional Counseling begins with a 60 minute intake appointment where we will sit together and allow space to expand on your history with disordered eating and experiences that contributed, current behaviors and self view, goals, current and past co-occuring conditions, and how best to go forward. Following the intake, follow-up appointments will be planned, usually once a week in the beginning to set up stability.    


If you are unable to make it into the office, we are happy to conduct virtual appointments via telehealth (telehealth appointments are covered by insurance the same way in-person appointments are covered). 


We also offer free 20-minute Meet & Greet over the phone to potential clients who want to learn more about our approach and how nutritional counseling can help them achieve their health goals.

Relapse Counseling

Relapse Counseling

“In times of distress, go back to your meal plan.”


The process of recovery is often not linear, but instead a process that commonly includes various forms of relapses back to disordered eating patterns and even development of new patterns.  A relapse doesn’t mean you have failed or won’t be able to continue with your recovery though coping with a relapse often requires asking for help. Wherever you are on your road to recovery, we are here to help you reclaim your freedom and get back into your life.  


Some common indicators of relapse behaviors and thoughts:

  • your thoughts keep turning to food, dieting and weight

  • you have been dishonest with your ED treatment team or you feel compelled to hide information or behaviors

  • you feel as if you have no outlet for your stress

  • you avoid events that involve food

  • you isolate yourself or engage in increasingly secretive behaviors

Gender affirming nutrition and counseling

Gender Affirming Nutrition and Counseling

Eating disorders, disordered eating patterns, and body image issues have been found more prevalent among the transgender community though access to care is often blocked by lack of provider knowledge on both eating disorders and gender affirming care and/or discrimination in health care.  At Body Wise we celebrate gender diversity and fluidity and  believe that everyone should have access to gender affirming care without stigma, bias, or discrimination.  Along with this we strive to be aware and educated on the additional nutritional needs during Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)  and gender affirming procedures.

Family support

Family Support

With all the misinformation and Diet Culture influence out there, it’s easy to understand why many individuals and their loved ones dismiss, ignore, or misinterpret eating disorder signs and symptoms-often for so long that they actually seem healthy or “normal."  Eating disorders tend to impact the whole family system leading to a need for a family support network.  We offer family sessions as needed to involve the whole family in healing relationships with food.

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