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Relapse Counseling

“in times of distress, go back to your meal plan”

The process of recovery is often not linear, but instead a process that commonly includes various forms of relapses back to disordered eating patterns and even development of new patterns.  A relapse doesn’t mean you have failed or won’t be able to continue with your recovery though coping with a relapse often requires asking for help. Wherever you are on your road to recovery, we are here to help you reclaim your freedom and get back into your life.   

Some common indicators of relapse behaviors and thoughts:

  • your thoughts keep turning to food, dieting and weight

  • you have been dishonest with your ED treatment team or you feel compelled to hide information or behaviors

  • you feel as if you have no outlet for your stress

  • you avoid events that involve food

  • you isolate yourself or engage in increasingly secretive behaviors

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